Ready Set… Go!

Ready -

It has been quite the journey since our last post. I had planned to be posting far more frequently about our progress but, it seemed for a while that for every 2 steps the project took forward, it then took 4 steps back. However, we seemed to have finally cleared almost all of our major hurdles.

Set -

Our initial plan was to open in time for Oktoberfest or just slightly after, with delays on multiple fronts such as supply chain, permits, utilities, equipment as well as just simply the process of designing and starting a brewery from scratch has pushed our timetable, especially in the post-Covid world. We have not determined our open date yet but will as soon as it makes sense!

Go -

Ok, on to our progress. Last Thursday afternoon we received our Building Permits from the City of San Antonio! Our contractors jumped into high gear and on Friday morning had their guys prepping the space, laying out and marking the placement of the walls on the floor!

A man is standing in a room with wooden beams.